• 【Frontier Development & Sales】

    SAIDA Group, established in Japan’s Yaizu city in 1921, is approaching its 100th anniversary in 2021. Since our conception, we have proudly continued to meet our customers needs by our value of ‘monozukuri’. In 2007, SAIDA FDS INC. (FDS: Frontier Development & Sales) was established to expedite the development of our own products. We now focus on the development and global sales of our own products which hold international patents.SAIDA FDS has two own products. One of products is the MODA (Microbial Oxidative Degradation Analyzer) which is a device capbale of accurately and precisely weighing the miniscule amounts of carbon dioxide generated by microbial activities. MODA support the methods according to the international standards described in ISO 14855-2. Another products is the Flow-type microwave reactor which is a system composed of a microwave unit with a pump unit for the chemical reactions. SAIDA FDS’s flow-type microwave reactor will support the research and development of the special chemical companies and pharmaceutical companies .