Scalable Synthesis of Alkyl Imidazolium-type Ionic Liquids イミダゾリウム系イオン液体の大量合成 [15.0 kg/day]


Org. Process. Res. Dev., 2022, 26, 8, 2498–2509.
DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.2c00180

“Tunable Microwave Flow System for Scalable Synthesis of Alkyl Imidazolium-type Ionic Liquids”

Michał Domański, Jonas Žurauskas, and Joshua P. Barham*

Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Regensburg

  A continuous flow auto-frequency tuning single-mode microwave reactor is disclosed as a powerful platform to synthesize alkyl imidazolium salts as ionic liquids/ionic liquid precursors in up to near-quantitative yields, 100–600 g h–1 productivities and record space-time yields. Challenges faced, including viscosity changes, dielectric property changes, and phase separations, were addressed by different operation modes of the reactor without reactor redesigning. Depending on the purpose, this highly productive method could prove to be useful for intensive applications of ionic liquids.

Equipment information Reactor size: 200 mm, Maximum power: 250 W (SAIDA FDS INC.)


実験結果提供: 独レーゲンスブルク大学 ジョシュア バーハム先生
装置情報:200 mmキャビティ、250 W