Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution #2 in alcoholic solvent 芳香族求核置換反応 #2 in アルコール性溶媒


Chem. Rec., 2019, 19, 157-171.

“Practical and Scalable Organic Reactions with Flow Microwave Apparatus”

Hiromichi Egami and Yoshitaka Hamashima

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka

  Microwave irradiation has been used for accelerating organic reactions as a heating method and has been proven to be useful in laboratory scale organic synthesis. The major drawback of microwave chemistry is the difficulty in scaling up, mainly because of the low penetration depth of microwaves. The combination of microwave chemistry and flow chemistry is considered to overcome the problem in scaling up of microwave-assisted organic reactions, and some flow microwave systems have been developed in both academic and industrial communities. In this context, we have demonstrated the scale-up of fundamental organic reactions using a novel flow microwave system developed by the academic-industrial alliance between the University of Shizuoka, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and SAIDA FDS. In this Personal Account, we summarize the recent progress of our scalable microwave-assisted continuous synthesis using the SAIDA flow microwave apparatus.

Equipment information Reactor size: 200 mm, Maximum power: 200 W (SAIDA FDS INC.)


実験結果提供: 静岡県立大学 江上寛通先生、濱島義隆先生
装置情報:200 mmキャビティ、200 W