(New!!) アルコールのアセチル化 大量合成 Alcohol Acetylation [9.0kg/day]


The Chemical Record (2018).

Rapid Optimization of Reaction Conditions Based on Comprehensive Reaction Analysis Using a Continuous Flow Microwave Reactor

Péter Vámosi  Keiya Matsuo  Tsuguya Masuda  Dr. Kohei Sato  Dr. Tetsuo Narumi Dr. Kazuhiro Takeda  Dr. Nobuyuki Mase

  Generally, the flow method has the advantage of a precise control over the reaction parameters and a facile modification of the reaction conditions, while a continuous flow microwave reactor allows for the quick optimization of reaction conditions owing to the rapid uniform heating. In this study, we developed a “9+4+1 method” to optimize reaction conditions based on comprehensive reaction analysis using a flow microwave reactor. The proposed method is expected to contribute to the synthesis of various fine and bulk chemicals by reducing cost and wastage, and by conserving time.


Supporting Information

Acetylation reaction of cyclohexyl alcohol


実験結果提供:静岡大学 間瀬暢之先生、武田和宏先生、佐藤浩平先生