Microbial Oxidative Degradation Analyzer (ISO 14855-2, ISO 17556, and ISO 13975)

The Microbial Oxidative Degradation Analyzer (MODA) is a device capable of accurately and precisely weighing the miniscule amounts of carbon dioxide generated by microbial activities. In particular, studies of plastic biodegradability require high-accuracy and high-precision weighing of carbon dioxide. Therefore, MODA employs the following methods according to the international standards described in ISO 14855-2:

  • Removing carbon dioxide from air
  • Introducing carbon dioxide-free air into compost
  • Removing moisture from gases generated by the compost
  • Absorbing carbon dioxide generated by the compost with soda lime
  • Weighing the resulting soda lime

Before MODA‘s market launch, large-scale sample testing using large-scale tanks was necessary.
Now, MODA allows straightforward sample testing to be realized on a small/laboratory scale.

Test methodology is now available not only under aerobic conditions but also under various environmental conditions:

  • ISO 17556: Aerobic plastic biodegradability measurement in soil
  • ISO 13975: Anaerobic plastic biodegradability measurement in a controlled slurry digestion systems

MODA has been already shipped to around 60 customers in 20 countries around the world.
Many researchers around the world are utilizing MODA in their laboratories.


MODA-6 for aerobic biodegradation (ISO 14855-2)

MODA-6 is a weighing device for aerobic plastic biodegradability in soil. Six reaction columns are installed in an environmental chamber in which the temperature is precisely controlled.

  • Six reaction columns installed in an environmental chamber
  • All columns under identical conditions of temperature
  • Precise temperature control(+/-1°C)
  • Dimensions; W900 mm x D450 mm x H1,700 mm (W35.4×D17.7×H66.9 inches)
  • Easy operation
  • Applicable to ISO 14855-2

MODA-4 for aerobic biodegradation (ISO 14855-2)

Four reaction columns are installed and the temperature of each column can be independently controlled. Therefore, it is the most appropriate device for basic research applications such as robust screening of various temperature conditions.

  • Four reaction columns with independent temperature control
  • Precise temperature control (+/-2°C)
  • Compact design W600 mm×D720 mm×H1200 mm
  • Easy operation
  • Applicable to ISO 14855-2

MODA-B for anaerobic degradation (ISO 13975)

MODA-B realizes the measurement of microorganism activity under anaerobic conditions on a laboratory scale.

  • For evaluation of microorganism activity and biodegradability of plastic in slurry digestion systems
  • Bench top type (W600 mm×D720 mm×H900 mm)
  • Six reaction columns with independent temperature control
  • Evolved gas recirculated through the digestion for stirring at a user-controlled rate
  • Easy operation
  • Applicable to ISO 13975

Introduction Examples

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Training Service

We provide training services to support your understanding of plastic biodegradability and to see our MODA apparatus in action. An example training schedule is as follows:

Day Content
1st Arrival at Yaizu city, Shizuoka pref. around 12:00  >>> Tour of our plant
2nd Lecture about ISO14855-2 standards (background, point of examination, MODA apparatus etc.) in comparison to OECD standards
3rd Tour of compost plant
4th Lecture about ISO13975 standards (anaerobic biodegradation) in comparison to OECD standards
5th Tour of a sewage disposal plant (anaerobic biodegradation)
[2 days as weekend holiday]
8th Examination preparation for ISO14855-2
9th Examination setup for ISO14855-2
10th Examination setup for ISO13975
11th Procedure for pre-incubation of compost etc.
12th Visit to AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Science Technology) and discussion with Dr.Kunioka and Dr.Funabashi

Our Training service package requires a two week stay. A researcher of SIRIM (a Malaysian research and evaluation organization) received lectures from 3rd – 14th March 2014.
Other service packages, such as On-site Installation & Training are available. Please feel free to contact us for details or a quote.

Lecture scenes

Tour of a compost plant (aerobic fermentation)

Noriduki poultry farm (Yaizu city, Shizuoka pref.)

Suzuki stock farm (Makinohara city, Shizuoka pref.)

Tour of a sewage disposal plant (anaerobic fermentation)

Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center (Ohta-ku, Tokyo)

Visit to AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Science Technology) Tsukuba

(Tsukuba city, Ibaraki pref.)