Flow-type Microwave Reactor

The benefits of ‘Microwave heating technology’ x ‘Flow chemistry’

  • Rapid heating for flow chemistry applications
  • Scale-up of microwave chemistry
  • High temperatures & high pressures for chemical reactions (230 °C & 2.5 MPa)
  • Safe operation under high temperature & high pressure


Microwave Output Max: 100 W
Maximum Temperature 230 °C
Maximum Pressure 2.5 MPa
Pump Modules per Unit 2
Flow rate 0.1~9.99 mL/min (setting value)
Flow rate (Low pulsation) 0.1~5.0 mL/min (setting value)
Reactor Helical / Straight glass tube
Control Unit size
Oscillation Irradiation Unit size
Pump Unit size
350Wx465Dx345H (mm) / 20 (kg)
220Wx420Dx465H (mm) / 19 (kg)
370Wx460Dx350H (mm) / 20 (kg)


  • Regular type

    Type Volume (mL)
    Helical Type A 1.0
    Type B 2.0
    Type C 3.0
    Straight Type C 3.0

    For Solid Cartridge type

    Type Volume (mL)
    Straight Type A 2.0
    Type 2A 3.8
    Type B 1.0

Collaborative Research Network

  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
  • University of Shizuoka
  • Shizuoka University
  • Gifu Pharmaceutical University