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Description about MODA

Samples are degraded in active compost through which air is blown under controlled conditions. The evolved ammonia and water are removed and the carbon dioxide absorbed in soda lime(sodium hydroxide). Carbon dioxide evolution is measured by weight increase of the soda lime.

For MODA-4, that has 4 reaction columns, one reaction column has compost only called as “blank”, which determines carbon dioxide evolved from compost only. Remaining 3 reaction columns have sample materials mixed with compost, which determine carbon dioxide evolved from compost and sample materials.

The reaction columns can be controlled desired temperature. If following ISO 14855-2, temperature is controlled at 58℃ typically.
Samples are weighed periodically during the test period.

MODA Schematic

Effect of repetitive experiments on aerobic biodegradation of PLA by MODA (ISO 14855-2)

Designed, tested and manufactured by a consortium comprising: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, U. Shizuoka, Fuji Industrial Research Inst, Shizuoka Prefecture, SAIDA UMS Inc. and Michigan State University, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Lansing, Michigan.

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ACS National Meeting Paper(PDF)